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                    "Spend a little money upfront to save more down the road," 

 With the business environment slowly plodding along, a growing number of foodservice operators continue to repair rather than replace their foodservice equipment. In order for this money-saving step to truly benefit the business, however, foodservice operators should invest in planned maintenance for their equipment.

What's more, planned maintenance agreements will almost certainly reduce the number of emergency service calls operations need, meaning they are less likely to have a key piece of refrigeration or HVAC fail during the busiest time of the week, for example, or have a refrigeration unit break down, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of spoiled food or multiple labor hours spent unloading a malfunctioning unit not to mention how uncomfortable it can not to have heat or air conditioning when you need it the most!

On the financial side, the most obvious benefit is lower overall service costs. If all works as it should, operators' will have fewer emergency calls throughout the year. As a result, total spending on equipment service will be lower as well as more predictable vs. relying on emergency service calls only.

These agreements have some additional, less obvious, but still very real financial advantages. Properly maintained pieces of equipment will use less energy than ones that aren't regularly serviced, resulting in lower utility bills.

Even more significant, such equipment will last longer, lowering capital investment expenses. Consider a refrigerator or icemaker. "A clean condenser means fans are running less, compressors are running less — all the moving parts are running less. So you get a longer lifespan for the equipment on top of the energy savings."

While budgets are still tight for most foodservice operations, equipment service and repairs will be an expense in 2013. Planned maintenance agreements offer operators the ability to control that expense and pay attention to what really matters: the customer.
Maintenance Contracts

Preventative Maintenance Agreements


Preventative maintenance benefits the customer by reducing operating costs, increasing equipment efficiency, reducing costly repair and deferring the costly capital outlay for new equipment. GRS provides our customers with preventative maintenance agreements that are designed to meet each individual requirement. Agreements can be arranged for preventative maintenance checks:

  • Monthly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually

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